Sunday, February 9, 2014

Antigua Last Weekend!

Although I post more "fun" or "free time" pictures, it's only because I can't bring my camera into our ministries. We have been asked to leave them home for safety reasons. So here are some more "fun" pictures, but don't think we are on vacation. I hope some of my poems make up for the lack of pictures, and that they can describe more of what's going on.

Day at a hotel's pool
Hanging with these girls to celebrate my bday!
birds around the pool
took tuk tuks across the city

rode this shuttle to dinner

view on the way up

view while eating dinner


  1. I'm glad you're having some fun times along with the work. I love your poems and your pictures too!

  2. What a great way to celebrate leaving your teen years. ;)

  3. Anna, can you tell me what you and your team have wittiness from people (adult or child) who have found Jesus and declared Him lord in regards to the hope Jesus says He will provide, even in the state they live in daily? Maybe a team member would like to comment on this as well. Love dad

  4. RE: Daddio
    Great question! I have an response that comes from a man we met today! We met a man named Willy, married with two kids. His wife helps in the schools we teach in. He was wuite a trouble maker from 11-16 but when he was 16, he got a job and started changing his life. At 20 he accepted Jesus into his life. He said it was a little hard to explain what happened because there is nothing he could do to change, Jesus had to touch his heart and allow him to change and love God. Then he started doing his backpacks – which he made into his ministry. He takes in teens and trains them to sew and do his job so that they can go out and get a better job somewhere out of the slum. They also bought 2 little houses further in the slum to have small groups with the teens around those houses and disciple them. He has said he would like to leave, and that he really didn't want to buy those houses because of where they were, etc. but he knows that is where God has called him to and he needs to be doing what he is doing. He continually was saying glory to God, and that it was only by God that he is where he is.

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