Sunday, February 23, 2014


Guazacapan - pronounced "waz-uh-ca-pan"

We made some friends through a 20 something's group; Gloria, Abby, and David at first. Then even more friends; Borris, Sophie, Pedro, and a few others.

Gloria's church back in the states sends group to this itty bitty city and she wanted to show us around!

It started with Pupusas.

**google stolen picture**
It was like a quesadilla on steroids. I had a chicken/cheese, and a bean/cheese/beef papusa. Then you put the DELICIOUS cabbage on top and maybe some sauce. It was quite tasty.

After lunch we walked around the city, meeting the people Gloria works with, and seeing their church.

Their mission is a kids program. (public Guatemalan schools are 1/2 days) They take the kids for half a day and teach them the bible. Their church sends teams to help, but it is ran by a Guatemalan man and his sister. They are hoping to get more programs running to help the whole community instead of just kids up to a certain grade.

After touring around, we hiked to a waterfall.

I went swimming!

These four boys also went swimming.

After a long day, we headed to Davids house for burgers and worship around a campfire :)


  1. I figured you were off on an adventure since I didn't hear from you. What a fun day.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Love the waterfall!