Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Out Back

Dirt roads
And dusty air
Cattle in the roads
And chickens in the yards

Coffee in the fields under
The shade of banana trees
Men on horses under
The shade of cowboy hat

Simple living doesn’t mean easy living
Farming long days

Hot hours in the sun
Nothing accomplished without hard work

But at the end of the day
The cool dark sky settles in
The starts shine over the mountains
I could lie here forever

We had the privilege to go to a girls home and a coffee planation over the weekend. I LOVED it! The girls home was so fantastic! It was family style , so there were 3 'duplexes'/6 homes. Each home had a mom and a dad and around 15 girls that the government had to take out of abusive homes, or children they found abandoned. They built this home for these girls and it is doing so well. there is a school, and a little nurse's quarters, and the construction for a boys home was just completed. Right now they are making the base self-sufficient. They are teaching the girls about raising chickens for eggs and meat, and to be able to sell. They are teaching them to farm/garden and soon they will be getting goats.

 We also had the opportunity to go to Victoria's coffee plantation. You won't believe all things I learned about "fair-trade" (not always so fair!) and just about coffee in general, also about some of the big names such as Starbucks, Folgers, etc.

This is a flower at the base of a bunch of bananas. Banana trees are planted among coffee plants to provide shade to the coffee.

This is Victoria with Elaina

Ripe coffee beans!!
so the red casing is around two beans. you could eat the red part, then the greenish white bean inside, once picked goes through a ton of different things to make it into the coffee bean we think of.

Victoria gave us a bunch of bananas from her field!


  1. I'm anxious for you to educate me about fair trade coffee.

  2. I really enjoyed the poem as usual. I'm interested in the fair trade thing too.
    Bet those fresh bananas are good!