Saturday, February 15, 2014


Only 9am and her world has changed
Her sister is still at her side
But 15 new faces and a different house

At first it's great
Another play day with
All new toys

But the day drags on
The toys get old
The faces get familiar

"When's mom coming?"
But mom isn't coming
Neither is dad

Too many bruises
Too many wounds
Too many scars

"Estas bien?"
Only whimpers

As I go around the slide
She's sitting and weeping
"Que paso?"

And the crying increases
She wants her mom
She wants her dad
She wants her home

How is it that this abuse can be comfort?
How is it these people can have precedence in her heart?
Now somewhere safe, wanting to be with the unpredictable

English or Spanish
I don't have a response
When she cries for her mom

All I can do is hold her
And cry with her
And pray for her

God save this little girl!
You've taken her out of danger
But her heart is still there

She's in a good house
But she doesn't have a home

She's yearning for love
But she doesn't know love from abuse

Show her your comfort
your love
your safety

Let her trust again
And heal her wounds

I wish I could keep writing
That my words would fill this page
With all the things I want to say

But I can't express my brain
My frustrations swirling
My emotions whirling

Just a 7 year old girl
Having to deal with this
With her 4 year old sister

And the worst is she's worse
The younger is covered
with past scars and fresh cuts

More open to say
What the past has held

My eyes cry out
It isn't fair!


  1. It's heartbreaking. It hurts God's heart too. But you know that. -Mom

  2. I don't understand it - why it happens, how someone can do this and then how kids want to return to it. But them, it's all they know. Praying for these kids tonight.