Monday, February 10, 2014


Laying in my comfy bed
Piles of blankets securing me
Headphones playing music
To cover up a silent neighborhood

I lay wondering about our new friends
The kids we spend a few short minutes with each day in the schools
Trying to pour truth into; with our actions and our words

I wonder what they are experiencing tonight
I wonder what the might be hearing or seeing
What the might be hiding from.

We see their homes in the light of the day
As moms are preparing lunches, Dads are off at work.
And teens are hopefully in a school.
But what does it look like at night?

When the darkness transforms the alleys?
When the children have to return home?
When neighbors forfeit neighbor's safety?

Are they laying in bed,
safe and secure,
With Parents watching over them?
A place for their weary bodies?

Or are they praying for change?
For a sober dad,
A clean mom,
Or just to know one of them?

I know God has them.
He;s watching, protecting and near.
He has the victory,
And I pray tonight He's an answer to a child's plea

1 comment:

  1. Makes me sad to think about the lifestyles kids are living in.