Thursday, June 5, 2014


We are hosting KidsGames this year!!
KidsGames is a faith-based movement using experiential games, sports and creative giftedness to teach children character through Biblical principles, wellness education & prevention, and the next generation of youth leadership. Kindergarten through 5th grade will be able to come and participate from June 23-27 at Sibley Elementary! 
This has been consuming large chunks of my time this past month, organizing and coordinating the event, but I have been loving it!

If you want to help, we still need:
  • little plastic cups for water
  • 2 whistles
  • airhorn
  • ball pump
Other things that have been going on!
I've been learning a ton about loving and serving others out of an overflow of being first loved by God! And learning to serve my community, neighborhood, and family not out of needing something from them, but just because I have been loved so I am going to love. Here is a snipit  of my testimony sharing this! May 25 - Life Story/Anna Hill 

I hope to write a better update soon!

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  1. You'll be sure to serve cake on Monday in honor of my birthday right? =)