Sunday, July 27, 2014

That thing called LOVE

A few posts back, I wrote about how I was learning about LOVE.

A few months ago, I was telling people how I was learning about LOVE.

Still doing it.

Still so much to learn.

Each time an immersion ends I think there is no way the next group is going to be this great! And each week I am amazed at how much I love the 'new' group. There hasn't been one group the same as the other. Out of 5 youth groups, there hasn't been one student the same.

Something that has been surprising is the amount of hurt in high schoolers. It brings me to tears. Pornography addictions, sexual sin, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide attempts, broken relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, the list goes on. It has become increasingly clear that the enemy trying hard to steal, kill and destroy. 

But we have a God fiercely pursuing us even stronger.

We have a God forgiving us, fighting for us, and freeing us.

And that HOPE, that REDEMPTION, that PROMISE, gives me the strength to love all 70+ of them.

I LOVE how God is freeing students, and allowing me to see the change, and the freedom.
I LOVE how God has created each one of these students so differently, yet each in His image.
I LOVE how God is being glorified as each student is made strong in him.

We had an 'ice-breaker' game and one question was to share your dream job. I could honestly answer THIS. Working at BSHOP; whether that's the Mission School or Immersion, I am where God has called me and have never felt more peace, more of His presence, and more of His power than I have while walking in His will.

I'm still learning to LOVE.

LOVE my neighbors, the kids around me, the students spending a week here, the students here for 8 months, the West Siders, my family, strangers, people I don't agree with, and everyone.

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  1. I love the way God is working in you and through you!